Talent agglomeration research within digital economy development: Trend analysis and research prospects

Liu Xiaoyue * and Jia Ming Chuan

Personnel Division, Central University of Finance and Economics, 100081, China.
Research Article


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Received on 26 May 2024; revised on 02 July 2024; accepted on 04 July 2024
Talent is important for development and innovation across fields. Further, in this era of digital economy, primarily driven by modern information networks, how to attract talent and effectively leverage talent’s agglomeration effect is a crucial research topic. Thus, this paper reviewed studies from the China Knowledge Network in the Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index and from the Web of Science Core Collection. By combining cluster analysis based on keyword co-occurrence with a review of highly relevant literature, this paper determines and compares mainstream directions in both domestic Chinese and international studies on talent agglomeration effects and digital economy talent research, thereby constructing a two-dimensional analytical framework. This paper recommends four research paths for the effects of talent agglomeration, namely, talent management, enterprise–industry development, industry–regional development, and industry–regional level of talent agglomeration. Meanwhile, considering the digital economy’s key role in future national economic strategies, its human resources studies should be included in these same paths for studying talent aggregation effects. Introducing public sector strategic manement theories into research on digital-economic talent aggregation could prove an extremely valuable subject matter in the future.
Talent agglomeration effect; Digital economy talent; Mainstream research direction; Bibliometric analysis
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