Pilonidal sinus at the intermammarial region in male patient: A case report

Polat FR 1, *, Bali I 1, Duran Y 1, Yıldırım I 2 and Gunduz I 3

1 Namık Kemal University Medical Faculty, Department of Surgery, Tekirdag, Turkey.
2 Namık Kemal University Medical Faculty, Department of Anesthesia, Tekirdag, Turkey.
3 Tekirdag State Hospital, Departmeny of gastroenterologic surgery, Tekirdag TurkeY.
Case Study
World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews, 2020, 07(01), 032-034
Article DOI: 10.30574/wjarr.2020.7.1.0212
Publication history: 
Received on 19 June 2020; revised on 01 July 2020; accepted on 03 July 2020
Pilonidal sinus is a common entity, most often occurring in the natal cleft. Pilonidal sinuses usually occurring in the sacrococcygeal region. However, Pilonidal sinus occasionally occurs in other parts of the body, referred to as extra sacrococcygeal pilonidal sinus. We report a man case of pilonidal sinus at intermammarial region. It is investigated appropriate management and postsurgery advice on prevention. 
Pilonidal Sinus; Unusual location; Intermammary cleft; Pilonidal sinus classification
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