Empowering families: Innovative modules for postpartum support and disaster preparedness in vulnerable communities

Elda Yusefni *, Eravianti and Dewi Susanti

Department of Midwifery, Poltekkes Kemenkes Padang, West Sumatera, 25146, Indonesia.
Research Article
World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews, 2024, 22(03), 101–109
Article DOI: 10.30574/wjarr.2024.22.3.1676
Publication history: 
Received on 23 April 2024 revised on 01 June 2024; accepted on 03 June 2024
Introduction: Maternal mortality remains a global concern, particularly in low to middle-income countries. In Indonesia, despite efforts to reduce maternal mortality rates (MMR), challenges persist. This study addresses the critical intersection of postpartum support and disaster preparedness, emphasizing the involvement of husbands and families. Culturally-based innovative modules are introduced to empower families in high-risk contexts, aiming to enhance postpartum care and resilience to disasters.
Aims: This research evaluates the impact of innovative modules on postpartum support and disaster preparedness in vulnerable communities. Specifically, the study assesses improvements in husband support, family support, and disaster response readiness among postpartum mothers within 0-42 days after childbirth.
Methods: Adopting a quantitative approach, the study utilizes a quasi-experimental design with experimental and control groups in Pesisir Selatan Regency, West Sumatera, Indonesia. The sample size comprises 140 postpartum mothers, with the experimental group receiving innovative modules and the control group conventional care. Structured questionnaires measure variables, ensuring validity and reliability. Independent t-tests analyze differences between groups.
Results: Univariate analysis provides participant characteristics, and bivariate analysis demonstrates significant positive impacts of module utilization on emotional, informational, appreciative, and instrumental support from husbands and families. Disaster response readiness is notably higher in the module-utilizing group.
Conclusion: Culturally-based innovative modules effectively enhance postpartum support and disaster preparedness in vulnerable communities. Findings underscore the importance of involving husbands and families, presenting a basis for targeted interventions in disaster-prone areas.
Postpartum Mother; Family Support; Husband Support; Disaster Preparedness; Innovative Modules.
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