Development of RP-HPLC method for standardization of Aegle marmelos (L.)

Shelke Smita Panditrao *

Gokhale Education Society’s Sir Dr. M. S. Gosavi College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Prin. T. A. Kulkarni Vidyanagar, Nashik.
Research Article
World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews, 2020, 07(01), 129-132
Article DOI: 10.30574/wjarr.2020.7.1.0226
Publication history: 
Received on 24 June 2020; revised on 10 July 2020; accepted on 12 July 2020
In recent times, focus on plant research has increased all over the world and several evidences have been collected to show immense potential of medicinal plants used in various traditional systems. Over the last few years, researches have aimed at identifying and validating plant derived substances for the treatment of various diseases. The bael (Aegle marmelos) (L.) is an Indian plant, which has enormous traditional uses against various diseases [1]. The present work aims to compile marmelosin based standardization of Aegle marmelos, generated through the research activity using RP-HPLC as a tool. The method developed was found to be accurate, precise and simple for the stated purpose and can be used routinely for standardization of crude fruit extract and herbal formulations containing it. 
Aegle marmelos; Marmelosin; Standardization; RP-HPLC
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